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You can comment on the impeccable roof repair, scheduled inspections and maintenance work, or any of the other roofing services we offer on our Google Business page. We can carry out custom installations and provide a series of upkeep tasks to preserve the structural integrity of any rooftop. You can read the comments we receive from our clients in Katy, TX and share your thoughts with us if interested.

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Advanced Roofing Contractor
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 6 reviews
by Mildred T. on Advanced Roofing Contractor
Thank You

Thank you for the quality roof work you did for my house. The repairs really put my mind at ease, now that no more leaks are coming into my bedroom. The price was good, too. I highly recommend your roof repair services.

by Jane R. Cummings on Advanced Roofing Contractor
Remarkable job!

My husband and I bought this house on the cheap. Everything seemed well and fine, until the first time it rained. It appeared that the roofing was full of holes, and completely replacing it was the only solution that made sense. I started searching for a reliable roofing contractor online, and shortly after, I came across your business. We are more than amazed with the quality of your work – thank you for helping us out!

by Phillip D. Grayson on Advanced Roofing Contractor
Masterfully done!

My brother is quite the huge DIY enthusiast, and a few months ago, he decided to install a satellite dish on our roof. Against my better judgment, I let him do it, and it wasn't only until a few days later that I discovered that he somehow damaged my roof. This was definitely a job for a professional roof repair company, so I started looking online and found you. Thank you so much for fixing the problem!

by Michael R. Simmons on Advanced Roofing Contractor
Outstanding work guys, thank you!

I remember the first time I saw one of my roofing tiles lying on the side of the yard, and thinking: "maybe it's not that bad". I couldn't have been more wrong. It seems that this was only the first one to fall down. Many others followed in the coming week, and I started thinking about hiring a proper roof contractor. I am so glad that I found you guys. You did an incredible job, and I will gladly tell my friends about you!

by Linda Rogers on Advanced Roofing Contractor
Professionally done!

My grandmother's house had some serious problems with her roof. No matter how many “specialists” took her money, there was always a leak somewhere. My brother and I decided to make our granny a proper present and started searching for a qualified roof installer. Your experts performed every job with dedication and diligence – it was a pleasure working with you!

by Norman L. Reggies on Advanced Roofing Contractor
Amazing job guys, thanks.

After saving for more than ten years, I was finally prepared to purchase a house. After I found a property I liked, I wasted no time in inspections and bought it maybe a bit hastily. Everything seemed fine until it rained – the kids' room on the second floor was damp because the roof leak was near the wall. I realized that this was a job for someone more capable than I was, so I started looking for an experienced roof service provider. I am delighted to have worked with you, thank you for reacting so quickly!

Services List

  • Roofing Repair
  • Complete Roof Inspection and Evaluation
  • Roofing Installation
  • Complex Roofing Maintenance